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Kerala a haven for the life sciences industry

Western Ghats, one of the thirty nine bio-diversity hotspots in the world, has recently featured among the UNESCO’s list of iconic World Heritage Sites for its rich biodiversity. Home to 137 species of mammals, 508 species of birds, 332 species of butterflies, 290 species of fishes, 10,035 species of flora of which 102 species are exclusively endemic to the region.

This majestic Western Ghats, also known as Sahyadri in local parlance; stretches across 1600 kms covering the states of Tamilnadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala. About 500 kms of this rich biosphere is exclusively in Kerala, comprising of 56% of the total geographic area of the State.

It is fitting that a life sciences park of such superior scale and technological advancement should come up in Kerala. The State’s rich bio-diversity comprising of abundant flora and fauna has always fostered a thriving R & D culture, giving birth to many research institutions in agriculture, Ayurveda, medical sciences, bio-technology, fisheries, marine sciences and more.

Kerala is home to a vibrant and well educated people and the state has the highest ratio of science graduates and technology professionals. The immense knowledge base concentrated in the R & D clusters near the Park as well as across Kerala will greatly enhance the Park’s efficiency as a single source R&D and knowledge centre for the industry.